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We are pleased to  offer these poker-size professionally printed game cards for use with the horse and musket era.


Buy the cards



This site offers the entire collection of materials produced by Imagine Image Multimedia, including artwork such as building and tile appliques, flags and foldup terrain, rules, gaming support documents, and MS Works Databases in a one-time fee lifetime membership to The Wargames Archive.  Members are never asked to pay anything extra as more materials are added to the Archive over time.

The Hex Command rules system is based on a hexagon grid and can be used with figures in the scales from 15mm to the heroic scales of 28mm-30mm.  In addition, iimm embarks on new projects all the time, including our “Post-Collapse era” rules called “Time Driver,” as we for many years were fans of Car Wars and other products and art from Steve Jackson Games.

The Hex Command Series:

  • Ancients (Ancient times to Pre-Gunpowder)
  • Gunpowder (Pike and Shotte to ACW)
  • Mechanized (WW2, Modern)
  • Raptors Air Combat (including Hex Command StarShips)
  • Oceans Age of Sail (Renissance to 1800)
  • NOVA (space/future era based on Mechanized)



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