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Here are images of the game pieces constructed for The American Adventure Game, to be debuted at Little Wars Game Convention 2017.
Almost all the pieces here are Imex 1/72 and where necessary are figures with swapped hats. All are 3/16″ Basswood. All work is accomplished because of Dremel tools, powered table scroll saw and Hot Glue Gun. In rare cases tacky (aka white) glue is used in a syringe for the horse hooves.

Flag figure was a pistol aiming figure from the Imex Alamo hero’s set. Swap hats with an Italeri American Infantry set (which is an awful set btw and should be avoided EXCEPT to get some larger than usual hats for your other figs) Loading figure is an Imex Militia figure. Flag staff from Shop Broom bristles; hand NOT drilled out, just carved out convexly to hold the staff. Base NOT drilled out for pole to be inserted so it’s just hot glued.
Demonstrates use of a HaT Industry Austrian cannon with Revell SYW Austrian Artillery crew Demonstrates game pieces: animal to be hunted, Canoe, two Military Supply icons foreground, normal supply icon (center), creek/river barge, US Flag for use in the fort.
Demonstrates other game pieces: woman cooking for a camp, two dogs might be used as wolves in the countryside, chickens and goat animal icon, citizen with hoe, citizen with axe
Camp scene icons Friendly Continental (hence the blue coat) Indian leader icon
Demonstrates attempt to make use of the horrible Italeri American Infantry figures. Guard icon in background; foreground are snipers Mix of Imex kits as Riflemen Skirmishers as denoted by the different base shape
Optimize your wagons!! Imex produces the wonderful kit Conestoga wagon… with GREAT horses by the way. Well, it’s even better when you CUT the wagon in half RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE to make four wagons from two; sure they might look odd but you know something, in the countryside in wartime ANY kind of wagon would be used; so here we go. For $10 and about an hour I made four wagons from a single Imex kit. THAT my friends is a HUGE bargain. Made possible because it’s hard plastic. more views
Images demonstrate how an actual 1/72 house card model, from the card attached to the Billy or Imex figure bag, should not actually be used. The image art has to be scanned and scaled down to 75% its original size in order to be actually useful on a game table where one figure stand, shown here, represents half a company of men. In truth, this is actually a 15mm or N-scale building now. So what this means is for your 1/72 figures, you must use buildings made for 15-18mm. You can use 1/72 or HO-00 scenery and animals and such, but the buildings should NOT be in scale with the figures, and this is true for ALL scales in wargames; so for 28mm, use 1/72 or 20mm buildings. This building on the right fits into a single 2.5″ hexagon, which is the only hexagon size we are using going forward.
Speaking of a company of men; here is a 1″ x 2″ stand which is one company. Note: the 2nd figure from the left is a flag holding candidate: Imex puts WAY too many of this figure in their American and British Infantry kits so get ready to use this guy as a flag holder.


 Another candidate for a flag holder is the guy shouting holding the rifle; cut off rifle leaving hand intact then hollow out his palm to receive the flag staff.  Yes the Imex figure with the flag shows I am not getting any younger; I was going to use a flag art applique but instead decided to see how my line art skill are holding up. Well; next time I’ll use a Sharpee ultra-fine tip marker instead of a paintbrush.
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