Mar 132017

Breaking down the Order of Battle

Battle of Bennington

Militia and Continental Forces

England & Allies

New Hampshire Militia



5 x 2 fig stands


Prinz Ludwig Dragoons:

4 co stands


5 co. stands + 2 x 2 fig stands

Light Infantry

3 x 2 fig stands


5 x 2 fig stands

Queens Loyal Rangers (Peters):

6 x 2 fig stands Light Infantry


2 x 2 fig stands


2 x 2 fig stands


Loyalists (Pfister, Covel):

8 x 2 fig stands


3 co. stands

Indians (Lanaudiere, Campbell):

6 x 2 fig stands

Additional Rangers:

8 x 2 fig stands


Germ. Grenadiers

7 x co stands

Mass Militia

Light Infantry

9 x 2 fig stands


4 x 2 fig stands



Artillery Hesse Hanau:

3 guns


2 co. stands



About Hex Command Basing

Hex Command Gunpowder for skirmish level games are one stand of 5-7 figures on a 1×2″ representing a company, or two figures mounted to 1×1″ representing about 25-50 men. Generally the smaller bases are for skirmisher types.. riflemen, fusiliers and Indians because these operate in a hex by themselves; some types can have more than one stand in a hex but generally only one stand per hex is expected. Single figure stands are characters used in the Adventure game. In some cases two figures might be based onto 1×2″ stands that appear more attractive and spread out than a 1×1″ base because they operate in open order and this looks more appropriate than a 1×1″ stand.

For artillery, it was expected that one stand of gun and crew represented two cannons but this is in review; it may be that one gun may represent one cannon.

It is currently in review if Militia based on 1×1″ stands can operate more than one stand per hex; it could be that some militia can, others cannot and therein lies the nuance of this era. The characteristic of being able to form a larger group is a question of training and this may be a commander ability rolling on the Tactical value of the Command Valuation system series of numbers.

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