Apr 122017

It’s a completely ridiculous model.. or IS it ?

We’ll take a look and deep dive into this model that many of us fondly remember from our childhood… in the golden age of models and miniature war gaming of the 60’s and 70’s. In other words, when all us veteran war gamers were just leaving the back
yard “Combat” TV show re-enactments with our neighbors to sit down at the dining room table with Airfix figures. In fact, the whole series of these models from Airfix, back in the day, were pretty darn fantastic.

But this is where we turn a critical eye, though we could just as easily discuss their Roman Fort or “Fort Sahara” which are also wonderful and probably have their own “nuances.”

But as we love castles, we’ll attack this one because essentially it will likely be the plan forward to create a life-size replica. HA!! Cool idea eh?

So, we’ll look at the actual functional structure and discuss what can be tweaked in this model, and what it might have been like to actually live in this tiny castle… if it was ever meant to be lived in… it almost looks as if it was designed to guard a single precious object rather than house a family or lord… Arc of the Covenant maybe? Hmmm.

Stay tuned!

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Mar 182017

… painted as British Grenadiers. Rather than spend even more money to get specific troops, I reasoned that HaT Industrie Austrian Grenadiers looked sufficiently close to British Grenadiers to be painted as such, and have been waiting to be finished in the Napoleonic collection.

This may also happen with remaining French Dragoons to be painted as Continental dragoons, as only a few figures are needed.

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Mar 132017

Breaking down the Order of Battle

Battle of Bennington

Militia and Continental Forces

England & Allies

New Hampshire Militia



5 x 2 fig stands


Prinz Ludwig Dragoons:

4 co stands


5 co. stands + 2 x 2 fig stands

Light Infantry

3 x 2 fig stands


5 x 2 fig stands

Queens Loyal Rangers (Peters):

6 x 2 fig stands Light Infantry


2 x 2 fig stands


2 x 2 fig stands


Loyalists (Pfister, Covel):

8 x 2 fig stands


3 co. stands

Indians (Lanaudiere, Campbell):

6 x 2 fig stands

Additional Rangers:

8 x 2 fig stands


Germ. Grenadiers

7 x co stands

Mass Militia

Light Infantry

9 x 2 fig stands


4 x 2 fig stands



Artillery Hesse Hanau:

3 guns


2 co. stands



About Hex Command Basing

Hex Command Gunpowder for skirmish level games are one stand of 5-7 figures on a 1×2″ representing a company, or two figures mounted to 1×1″ representing about 25-50 men. Generally the smaller bases are for skirmisher types.. riflemen, fusiliers and Indians because these operate in a hex by themselves; some types can have more than one stand in a hex but generally only one stand per hex is expected. Single figure stands are characters used in the Adventure game. In some cases two figures might be based onto 1×2″ stands that appear more attractive and spread out than a 1×1″ base because they operate in open order and this looks more appropriate than a 1×1″ stand.

For artillery, it was expected that one stand of gun and crew represented two cannons but this is in review; it may be that one gun may represent one cannon.

It is currently in review if Militia based on 1×1″ stands can operate more than one stand per hex; it could be that some militia can, others cannot and therein lies the nuance of this era. The characteristic of being able to form a larger group is a question of training and this may be a commander ability rolling on the Tactical value of the Command Valuation system series of numbers.

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