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Note: Random Event cards may allow things even though the rules say are not allowed.
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Commanders Units in sphere of a commander Can units in sphere of a commander move faster than those out of sphere?
This is possible, yes.  However, we recommend only allowing the best commanders to have this effect on their troops; certainly not every commander would be that inspirational.
Commanders Initiative
commander placement procedure
What is the value of the initiative die roll?
When a game begins where units may be out of firing range, Initiative may have little obvious value to see which player moves the next unit in his activation sequence.  But after the first few turns it becomes clear that movement must regulated. Initiative is only needed to see which player activates their next force before the other player’s equivalent group. Players are free to consider all optional ways for initiative, such as having players roll for at the brigadier level instead of at the army level for their entire side.
Combat Roundshot: Napoleonic module: applying hits and Casualty hits


The use of round solid shot in pre-American Civil War era was common and therefore it is added to the rules in the Napoleonic module: Because exploding shell was less common during that period, they used simple bouncing balls on the battlefield to basically bowl over the enemy troops; therefore, this is a fact of the era: when a player fires artillery unless declaring Shell (if your research shows they HAD exploding shell), the round shot will hit a target unit and continue on its way to any units in the path as declared in the rules.This is something we don’t actually do in the interest of saving time to play the game; the hit to the first unit is all players really care about so we stop the round shot at the first unit.
Combat Hits from Small Arms: TE and RED casualty hits In pre-ACW eras, devastating fire was not common; therefore, the type of hit from small arms is a TE hit, terrain effects, and only in closer range cases is a RED casualty hit caused.  TE hits accumulate to become RED hits, that is, on the third TE hit a RED indicator is placed on the unit.  On a third RED hit a unit is routed.  In melee, units can suffer TE hits and RED hits.  In combat firing, units will suffer TE hits until they become a RED hit instead, and thereafter only RED hits are caused once a unit has one RED hit.

The REASON for all this is our research and yours too no doubt.  Casualties in pre-ACW era appear to have been far less because of the smoothbore musket, and for some bizarre reason the troops insisted on melee over ranged firing.  We don’t get this.  It seems to us that getting into melee would be the LAST thing you’d want, but it happened all the time in Pre-ACW wars.

Moving Units changing facing

Drifting or “oblique”

Is is necessary for units to change their facing to move into a neighboring hex left or right or can they drift and keep their forward facing?
This again is up to the players to allow drifting or “oblique” moves.  If you feel it is not allowable, then units must turn to face their direction of movement.  Now you must decide if this costs a unit time to make this facing change enough that it be reflected in a move distance penalty, that is, subtract one hex to change facing.
Moving Units changing facing
Can units pivot in place any amount?
Yes but if done more than one hex side facing, that is their move for the turn.

Can units about-face and move without penalty?
Yes.Can units making any facing changes before initiating melee against an enemy unit?
No units can change their facing and immediately upon doing so engage in melee.Can units step backward?
Player/Judge decision to allow it.  We allow it but only one space per turn. Units that attempt to step back from melee (without using a random event card) pass Reaction (use their brigadier’s Tactical value) and if failing, rout.

Can cavalry step backward?
No.  Cavalry must about face.

Routing Movement Units passing through each other

Routing through units

What are the restrictions on units passing through each other?
Player/Judge choice.  If allowed, both units suffer a TE hit, otherwise this is not allowed.  Skirmishers however can pass through any units.

Can routed units pass through other units?  If there is no space for routed unit to move into, what happens?
Units that have no avenue to continue their rout movement are destroyed.  Routed units cannot pass through other units.  All routed units must move 3 hexes per turn in their rout until rallied or they leave the game.

Combat Crews Artillery Crews and Melee Artillery crews do not melee.  They simply disappear and reappear again should their guns be re-captured.
Combat Crews Using enemy captured guns If a player expects artillery to be captured and orders or moves the caissons away, the guns cannot be used when captured unless the captured guns are taken (one space per turn without the caissons and limbers however) to the nearest friendly artillery (does not have to be the same type of gun). Siege guns cannot be moved or turned on their former owners in the same game.
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