Jul 042017

So you’ve got your big battle on one table and nearing the end of the game, life-us interrupt-us you have to put off finishing it for a few days.

So, as your game table is motorized, you lift it up to the ceiling, then underneath it, set up another smaller game table say 4×4 ft., for a small unit action because you want to see what would happen.

  • One player is given five Russian rifle squads, one lend/lease halftrack and a commander, with the mission of taking a building near a cross road.
  • The opponent is German defending with about 4-5 squads and an MG-32 in a sandbag wall outside the building.



We created an entry in our MS Works database WWIIcardscen.wdb for this quick game. Ukraine is chosen but the game could take place anywhere, even as a North Africa scenario.


That’s right, it’s the Airfix Forward Observation Post diorama building, though it is small for our 1/72 scale models we like the way it looks- in fact, these partially destroyed buildings were some of the best that Airfix made.

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