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Note on Game Mapper: Although we can no longer provide Game Mapper software, for those who still have it we still support it and in fact use Game Mapper often. Note that if you have Game Mappe the art files and background files go into the same folder location as the Game Mapper program, which is where you should also place the Game Mapper executable file itself. If you find some symbols or pasted art is not visible in your map after you open it, it can happen when you’ve moved the map to another location. To avoid this always keep artwork in the GM root directory. If files have moved they can be found again from within Game Mapper.

hcg_cover Rules for War Games

Down Rules for war games from the Products page  which has links to other materials as well.

Just a small sample of the flags and banners and MS Works Flag Database on the ArchiveJust a small sample of the flags, banners, artwork and MS Works Flag Databases on the Archive for many eras, including shields art.

Rome v. Spanish Barbarian Tribes

All Scenarios (140meg)

for all eras including booklets produced for game conventions.  Click here for Image of the Scenarios zip file.

zip file


Time Driver and City Scape Adventures 

(car and vehicle combat era) Cards and support files.  Image of the Time Driver file.


Ancients Medieval Era

cards and support files. image of the file

  • What is Legions & Lions?
  • What is Pitchforks & Warlords?
  • Where are the Game Cards?
  • What is Excalibur and various support files such as edge2 and so on?


Artwork and Backgrounds

Game Mapper, Terrain

  • What happened to Game Mapper, why can’t we get it, why do you still support it?
  • What is Berthier?

Hex Command Gunpowder

ACW and Thirty Years War, Pike and Shotte etc. cards and support files.  image of the zip file

  • How is Hex Command Gunpowder better than many or all other rules on the market?

Orders of Battle PDF files

Hex Command Mechanized

World War 2 cards and support files.  image of the zip file

  • How does HCM compare to other WW2 rules?

Hex Command NOVA databases

Hex Command Starships zip file: Space and Off-World-Conquest This game is designed using plastic toy fighters and larger starships but any toys or models can be used.  Our intention is to release these rules with ships of substantially larger scale such as 1/200 so the rules may be similar in design to Hex Command Oceans.


Card sample

flat2Dplanets2D planet art for placement on game table

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