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Products available from Imagine Image Multimedia ( ” iimm ” ) are digital downloads and include things such as applique artwork you print yourself of wall textures for buildings, and flags for ACW, ancient era banners, Microsoft Works Databases for many periods of war gaming (the works program is still available on the internet from several sellers) of which we have created databases for ACW flags (using the db you can put your own text or ‘battle honors’ on the flags).  We’ve also created a leader database for ACW as a sample, and scenario databases and OOB databases for many battles and hypotheticals, even for WW2.  New concepts in development such as the Objective Database is a way for a commander to write orders to troops. Game Mapper software is no longer available but for those who still have it we are still creating maps all the time. And of course, all the Hex Command series of rules for wargaming many eras are included.

Just a small sample of the flags and banners and MS Works Flag Database on the Archive

Just a small sample of the flags and banners and MS Works Flag Database on the Archive.. with the database, you can print names on the flags and art however you like.

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We can produce any graphic you wish on fabric for game table layouts.. any map can be printed, even with names of farms, hills, bridges and so on printed on the bedsheet. YES it’s a bedsheet.

The War Games Archive is one of the best bargains on the internet and Hex Command rules are actually ones that make sense and won’t waste your time playing only to find out you disagree with their structure, content or how they work.  MANY rules have this problem.  The Hex Command series obviously is aimed at using a hexagon grid  on your game table and many people have this roadblock because there is no easy way to get a grid on your game table… WRONG.  Click the link above for Battlefield Bedsheets and you’ll see.  You also will see we ARE NOT doing any of this to make money… hence the reason you will see a large bedsheet is so reasonably priced and printed in the USA.  Drape the bedsheet over your sloped hill material and you will NOT believe the results.  Click the button below to become a member of the War Games Archive with a single lifetime subscription.   Permanent access to the Archive: $10


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