3D Printing

Note:  3D filament printing as opposed to Resin 3D printing, is not the best solution for creating buildings or entire vehicles. For buildings, these iimm will make from colored cardstock using our Cricut Maker machine, which is far more efficient than any 3D printing, far more attractive and less expensive to the customer.

As you can see by the list below, what 3D printing IS good for is terrain materials, fixes to existing models such as wheels, and in some cases turrets.

Check out our LINKS page for where to get our suggestions.

For US 105mm Howitzer and 3" Antitank Gun, visit FAA miniatures and also for the 28mm German Paratrooper ATG (Squeezebore) both in metal.

For vehicles, we recommend Plastic Soldier Company fast build and Italeri fast build tanks because the super detail of traditional plastic model kits (Hasegawa 1/72, Esci, Italeri etc.) for wargaming is no longer commercially viable.  However, it is also true that detail kits may have to be acquired in order for gamers to have accessories such as stowage added to their models, or where possible, 3D printed stowage and other add-on visual items as the fast build vehicles are said to be "plain."

Another thing 3D printing cannot do is barrels.  For barrels, we recommend anyone making actual brass barrels usually found on Ebay and if not from a  US seller, from places such as Romania, Poland and other former Soviet republics.  Why these barrels are only avaialble from those regions is unknown, but it would appear the talent for making detailed accurate brass exists in those regions.


Remember, everything we do is 1/72 scale.


The following items are available on request


If you would like a printed item they are $5 USD each, buyer paying shipping to Contus only, Paypal only and all are 1/72 scale. Fence/wall lengths are 4 to a set, barrels are 3 to a set. Otherwise if you want to print yourself contact us for the files (barrels not available for self-printing). 


Bold items are produced at iimm studios otherwise we work with other providers to obtain the items for you.  Linked items here are the .mp4 video files for you to see.

  • Arched Bridge Wall and pedestals (image this page) - add your own cardstock road between the walls.  


  • Dragons Teeth WW2 and Hedgehog sets (beach and Siegfried line) x 6

  • PUMA armored car turret

  • Kubelwagen

  • M3 Grant and Lee Turrets

  • 30-45mm height trees x3

  • Replacement Panzer IV tread and bogie assemblies one piece Left and Right sides (not with side skirt) when your plastic model kits have aged to the point of replacing without wanting to buy Armourfast or Italeri fastbuild kits.

  • Cheveux de Frise and Medieval Archer Mantlets

  • Various Sandbag bunkers and walls

  • Destroyed buildings and remnants for skirmish level 1:1 soldier games