3D Product Index

The following items are available on request:  All are $5 USD each (3 barrels per pack), shipping to Contus only, Paypal only and all are 1/72 scale.

  • Bridge Walls and pedestals - add your own cardstock road between the walls.  

  • 10lb- 20lb Parrot Rifled Artillery Barrels only for ACW - much better looking than other barrels available with plastic miniatures.  

  • 3" Ordinance Rifle Barrel Only.  

  • Sdkfz 222 German Armored Car turret 1/76 and 1/72 scale; when your existing turrets need replacement.  

  • Dragons Teeth WW2 and Hedgehog sets (beach and Siegfried line)

  • Other items in development will be posted here as time permits.