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Core of shadow creek
Union victory - No cards were used - No arriving forces - All forces placed - No hidden units/movement though scenario doc called for two CSA units fake - Only one (CSA) cavalry squadron - All units same quality (normal) Notable actions - Curtis army commander killed (bad CVS numbers anyway) - CSA attacks at 1:1 odds (doomed) - 3 turns and game was called
6 battles excalibur
image summary battles of Foxwood: Rome v. Carthage 55/45 Carthage (Jeff as Rome) Pimbury: ACW 55/45 Carthage/Confederates (Jeff as Conf) Fromage: WW2 70/30 Carthage/Germans (Jeff as Germans) Barcombe Down: in progerss 3-9-19 AWI (British/Rome) or Napoleonics (France/Carthage)
Race to Fromage
Kelly's HQ unit (#2) enters in card location 4 on the road. Hoffmann's Reserve unit (#6) enters in card location 5 cross country, at Benin farm. In opening moves, though each force knows the enemy is moving in the same direction they are, they dont know until later what the composition of each other is. As Kelly's HQ reaches the first building of Fromage the first of two German SpaH Wagens 75H reaches the top of a nearby hill, stops and sees Kelly's main transport halftrack and lets shot go at it. The shot lands between the two halftracks but off the road, and when the halftrack gets closer to the building it stops and everyone bails out just as the second Spah wagen also reaches the top of the hill, stops and fires directly hitting the Halftrack, exploding it. The two german 50mm ATGs umlimber into forest positions to fire into the village and Kelly's F.O. starts to zero in on what he can see of the enemy position. He radios the mortars and they get ready to fire when the game is called.
Pimbury was the second in a quick campaign of connected battles in the Excalibur map campaign map; we simply selected Foxwood for the first battle and selected Rome v. Carthage. Having lost at Foxwood, as the Roman's withdrew back across the river into the region of Pimbury a table was set up for the next battle where the Carthaginians hoped to catch and produce a big victory to make subsequent battles more decisive. Twas not to be. US Civil War era was chosen for this next battle with the Union being the Carthaginian allies and Romans being the Confederates on defense. While Carthage did win the battle and there were some amazing actions, the game took less than 2 hours which was the entire goal of going to a 4x4 table. In addition, walking around a 4x4 table is EXCEPTIONALLY easier than a larger table, and the entire battle fits on one camera view. This game was skyped and after all the research and tech implementation, the best solution was a wireless headset and a recording app for the entire Skype event, although in the end a photo record of the battle highlights is better than having to watch a long video or listening to a long audio capture. The next battle in the series will use WW2 era models.
Excalibur: foxwood
Using the Excalibur map to determine a battle location, not necessarily the field itself, a Rome v. Carthage scenario was played early Sunday morning via Skype and multiple webcams, using Splitcam Software so the Microsoft LifeCam could be used. MS LC no longer works with Windows 10, which is a shame because it is pretty much, or was, the best webcam ever made. As described in the document solo war gaming, the activation process was determined by rolling a cnc die for each group. Players rolled for initiative then the winner rolled a CnC die and whatever that symbol was, would be activated. Skirmishers did not obey any activation and "floated" during the players turn, or during the opponent's turn (as if they were artillery). One process error determined after the game concluded was that Numidian cavalry does not melee and cannot be caught by any other cavalry than light or just as fast. If forced to melee they are value 2. This was our first Ancients game played in over one year and the result was good. Commanders were used to change the designated activation symbols, but commanders were attached to do this: to un-attach, the player had to roll a star on the cnc die, which was not easy. Thus, routed troops could not be rallied if no commander was available.
WW2 Armor game
This armor game was the biggest we've played in many years. That doesn't mean necessarily that it was the most items put into a game, it means the table was the new 8x5 table and the size was proportional to the number of pieces so there was room to maneuver. This text text is an example of using the keycaps to copy paste a symbol here. for example █ big block So once it was understood that these reports would look this way, the next step is to configure how to capture them for printing. █ Printing Well, clearly here are issues presented because there is no programming intent for printing other than the print function of the browser. So, one must select that then print to PDF which I'm not sure will actually be of benefit. Be sure to turn on headers and footers so the page title, the title of this entry e.g. WW2 Armor Game, is at the top of the page. Once the PDF is printed it can become another record for use later. █ Features in Wix As soon as Wix releases other feature's we'll let you know, but for now use this text box to write your after action report on the battle.