Creating Hex Grid Roads and Rivers

Creating Roads and Rivers from craft foam or even fabric has many advantages.  First and foremost is the roads can be cut exactly as shown on a hexagon grid map, which presupposes that the map is drawn with the roads obeying a strict placement methodology, just like the old SPI or Avalon Hill games and seen today in Squad Leader.



  • Designed originally for 2.5 inch (flat to flat) hexes

  • Designed to be cut using the Cricut Maker machine

  • Designed for craft foam sheets from craft stores

  • Rivers have wavy lines

  • Once cut from foamies or craft foam sheets, may have to be dble sided Scotch tape to game surface

  • Templates free to members

  • Almost all intersections and their variations have been captured.

  • When putting down on game simply cut to length desired if a piece is too long.

  • All roads and rivers either connect from flat to flat of a hex or its neighbor, or connect corner to corner, or connect from flat to corner.

  • Small to large curves can also be done from flat to flat or flat to corner as you would expect.

  • Download here.