Dinosaur Adventure Game

This page is created so the reader can see the progress being made on a Dinosaur Adventure Game and perhaps learn enough to make the attempt yourself, should you choose.

But be warned.. it was years in the making and planning and the gauging of public interest.

Needless to say, the effort was exhausting and of a monumental effort in crafting and shaping, collecting the right terrain and finding usable models.

The end result of this prototype work is to produce a game with miniatures along the line of that famous movie and all the assets surrounding it, but, to our knowledge no actual adventure game was ever produced.

So, this is not to say it won't be a board game with flats and flat art, nor a board game with flat art but with miniatures, but the intention is for an adventure game with miniatures and terrain in the scale of either 1/72 or thereabouts.  Why this scale? Mainly because of all the possible equipment from the HO railroad hobby; again, it was an issue of finding the right stuff.

Obviously, we all know of the various board games already out there from the movie franchise and we know their failings.  Research showed the games all had merit, but fell flat or at least, failed to live long enough to garner continued support from the issuers.

Were the failings of those other games because of subject matter, or the execution of the design, game mechanics, or the fact that any game in this genre must be simple enough for all ages?


When this effort was started, the intent was to create a game with miniatures where events are driven by objective or "mission" cards.

Once this was done, the next effort was the determination of scope and size of the gaming table, again, aimed at game convention size or 8x5 feet.

Next, the decision of game pieces, because the jungle terrain was fairly easy to come by.. a bunch of palm trees and many other items already in our historical gaming collections such as roads and rivers.

Over the next months until the Little Wars game convention here in Illinois, this effort will continue to be captured in the Forum so be sure to subscribe to stay involved, informed and watch our progress.