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1. Enter the Map Name and Author here, then open the Flashcard machine link in a separate browser window and start the study session.

2. For each card when you click next card, right-mouse click to save-as to your desktop or box.

3. For each image you want to load click the appropriate button here.

4. When done clicking submit, return to the Index page and load the map then capture the entire graphic by using a capture program that allows you to drag with the mouse around the area, such as Snagit or Screenpresso, then save the image as jpg or png to use as required in other docs or sites. 

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Grid Overlay

Note each card or "panel" represents approx. 2 ft x 3 ft so four cards produce a game table 4 x 6 ft.  All six cards would create a table 6x6ft.

Select these .png images for overlays. To remove or hide the grid overlay load a blank image.