TimeDriver Post-Collapse Miniature Game and Cityscape Adventure

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TimeDriver are essentially rules for a post-collapse auto-dueling society inspired by the storyline in “CarWars” from Steve Jackson Games. Many people create adaptations of CarWars for their own purposes and TimeDriver is no different from that desire at least.

Link to  Rules PDF

Scenarios and Random Events


Box location: TimeDriver Carprogram.xlsm

Also use this Excel program to create characters.



We were fans of the storyline soon after the game was released, and immediately saw potential and had to come up with our own rules in order for simplicity and faster game play to be injected.  Our original adaptation was called “QuarterMaster: Bring Your Inventory to War” because we saw a need to put just about any toy already in someone’s collection into a game setting.  Not a game with superhero miniatures... but close. Elements from the film Bladerunner can be found in this game as well. 


The Setting

Arena combat and challenges are still the norm in this era as a form of entertainment, and the vehicles in the dueling arena vary from dune-buggies dirt field race courses with jumps and everything you’d expect, to more high-performance race cars trying to achieve laps and complete pass-over points in a race course environment much like the Deathrace 2000 film remake: rolling over activated symbols activates things in the course, enables weapons or reloads.


The cityscape adventure is the out-of-arena setting of the era.  It is basically one of the best large town or cities in your state, as compared to the majority of other towns with decimated infrastructure, social services and abandoned police stations, generally all the bad stuff that would happen after a world-wide financial and social collapse.  Some towns were simply abandoned entirely or assumed by regional gang warlords that moved in.


Large towns are walled and protected -mostly- from lawless gangs and outside rural groups fending for themselves -anarchists and survivalists that trust no one- while unfamiliar traveling or passing-through citizens and cyberpunking corporate infiltration's are potential threats.  At least in this city, a fully functioning hospital, police, fire, water and power -the essentials for safety and growth- exist so the citizenry feels somewhat safe and able to go about their daily lives and businesses as best they can.


As far as killing... well, look at this era much like the old west with vehicles and technology instead of horses and cattle rustlers.  Insults are settled with duels and you’ll notice there is no “bank” to steal from.  Cash is not so much important as other forms of bartering, objects and technology trading goods between those who want and those who have.