Battlefield Bedsheets and Miniatures

On this page we'll list products you can order either by arrangement with us such as Battlefield Bedsheets, or from third-party websites hosting our products such as laser-cut ladders and other terrain and objects.

Note:  all physical products are estimated shipping to Continental 48 US states only.  Shipping elsewhere? Contact us first.

In addition, if you would like to see any graphic you may have, reproduced (with or without a square or hex grid numbered or not) onto fabric, just send it to us and we'll print it on fabric any length and up to 58 inches deep.  And if you want maps printed onto a variety of materials we'll do that too:  just let us know and we'll quote a good price for you.

Laser cutting factory and products for sale/make

Here you can select miniatures from our showroom, from 20mm scale 1/72 siege ladders to siege towers, JP-style road signs, 10mm cannons and more. New products added frequently.   

Battlefield Bedsheets

Green with dark line, 2.5 hexagon grid, bedsheet type material

Click image at left to go to Youtube video to see this product in action.


58 deep x 96 inches long.  Greater lengths by special request.  Different size and type of grid available by request (no additional charge).


The only place on the internet that sells Battlefield Bedsheets is right here.  Drape this bed sheet material over your hill terrain on your table and you'll wonder HOW on Earth you ever got along without this nifty, affordable and HUGE gridded material before.  Ink won't come off but avoid contact with water (DON'T PUT sweaty DRINKS ON THE TABLE, DANG IT JIM !!).

Easily folded, stored, possibly ironed (we haven't tried that yet because the wrinkles, if any, don't last long.. it seems like wrinkle-free material).  Best when stored as a roll.  Green background similar to the color of the text you are reading now.  Other colors available.  Other backgrounds available by custom request e.g. very large board games printed on cloth, battlefield artwork and maps such as for Gettysburg, ocean waves, winter, desert, and other planet patterns any image can be printed.

Email for promotional pricing quote.

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