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Getting Started in War Gaming

Time After Time: The Concept of
Multi-Era Campaign Tracking

Ok so let's jump ahead and make the assumption you're a miniature gamer beyond the intermediate level and you or your group has thought of, or have done, campaigns -that is-multiple battles where the results of one battle affect what happens in the next battle.


So, the only way to do this for multi-era battle tracking-that is- you play an ancient's game then a WW2 game, is to have a point matrix or "Equivalency Table." For instance, a Cohort of Romans = 1 Platoon of WW2 infantry; a battery of 10lb Rifled Cannon = x qty of Pak-40 Anti-Tank Guns and so on.


Of course, the only way to make this table is simply that: just make it and start using it. As you continue, you'll tweak the table until it feels about right and you can come to depend on it guiding your force makeups.

Excalibur Board Game makes a great cmpaign map

Another way of doing this of course is simply to use a point system, for instance, a Cohort of Romans (aka Medium Infantry) is 25 Points. Therefore, a platoon of squads in WW2 would be 25 points as well.

But that's just rifle infantry. Start adding Bazookas and points change. For instance, each AT infantry-carried weapon might be 5 points, so a whole platoon of "Heavy Weapon" infantry might be 40 points or more, yet only consist of the same number of stands.


Can a Mortar have an ancients equivalent, or one in the Middle Ages? One has to consider the way the weapon is used to come up with an equivalency. A mortar is a man-carried grenade launcher, of different sizes and thus having different power (range and impact). The Middle Ages equivalent: maybe because of points, or by desire, a Mangonel aka Small Catapult. In ancient times, perhaps a Rock or Bolt throwing Ballista. Even if those weapons didn't see field battle use and mostly saw Siege Battle use, we can still make the connection and if a player wants to put the weapon in the field battle why not? Just because they didn't think of it at the time (though there ARE reports that Julius Caesar was once offered the idea of putting Ballista on wagons for field battles, if you can believe that) doesn't mean its not viable.

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