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1 Pimbury
Sacred Pack
Gateway System
2 Oakwood
Flame Riders
3 Bassington
Howling Chargers
4 Frommage
Charlie Recon
5 Fletcham
Siren Song
6 Foxwood
7 Gossly
8 Brimstone
9 Caron le Fluer
_10 Fenhurst
Recon event
Drivor IV is barren with processor units but the main planet in the system has a serious defensive force and fortifications and a starbase. Early warning and defensive satellites also exist. When the recon unit is detected at Dricor IV other defending units are being dispatched from the home world to either observe or arrive and repel the recon. Should more forces arrive however things will escalate.
_11 Barcombe Down
An astrophysics lab is here
_12 Barsham
Forces here
test description
_13 Hazelmere
The forces at this location are unknown
_14 Bessingfield
none here
the forces at this location are unknown
_15 Sarbury
Gateway system
_16 LaRose
Ealia IV A supercontinent and some small, shallow seas that are constantly steaming. The plants are made of hexagonal black segments stacked atop each other, with light blue fruit between the segments. Great flocks of segmented light blue fliers gather in the skies. They build decoy bodies from special secretions. The geological record shows irregular periods of sudden conflagration. Habitability: 60% Size: 8 Industry: 3 Science: 3 8905d6b3
Forces here are unknown
_18 Barfield
Apiqum I Dense jungles of green fungal towers cover Apiqum I. There are extensive fossilized forests. The mottled local animals are able to feed on radioactivity. They use flashes of colored light to communicate. There is never any wind. Gatoqua II Large continents. There are wide, dark green, rocky beaches. There is the occasional crimson shrub with translucent white bubbles. The planet is home to a predatory creature that can turn itself invisible. The bones of the local creatures teem with parasites. The gravity is uneven. Habitability: 70% Size: 7 Industry: 3 Science: 6 e67635bb This advanced ancient culture was noted for its advanced hyperspatial science. It was destroyed by a religious cult, leaving behind only legends and superstitions.
An astrophysics lab is here
_22 Oslen
neew force
Ipegig IV Shallow warm lakes and swamps. The plants take the shape of giant crimson geodesic domes. The animals of Ipegig IV avail themselves of poisonous darts used both for defense and hunting. They use extremely loud sounds to stun their victims. The planet is very tectonically active. Habitability: 40% Size: 6 Industry: 2 Science: 3 f9407191
Orravon II Large continents. There are large plateaus with steep sides. The plants are tall orange stalks covered in green thorns, each with a single circular leaf at the top. Squat muscular bipeds move between the stalks. The air is filled with organic compounds that induce hallucinations. There are records of a remote, far-away planet that matches this one exactly. Habitability: 70% Size: 7 Industry: 3 Science: 3 32c0a7b8
Creve II A few islands are dotted around an ocean that is constantly steaming. There are wide beaches of fine grey sand. There are groups of tall, brown stalks everywhere. Small, segmented, flying creatures zip between the stalks. They use a biological radar to perceive the world around them. The air has an inaccountably foul smell. Habitability: 40% Size: 5 Industry: 3 Science: 3 810b3f30
Kalates III A few islands are dotted around an ocean. Noxious gases erupt from deep fissures. The local plants are yellow sponges. The local animals build shells for themselves out of precious metals. Gossamer-thin sheets of plant matter float in the sky. The sponges are fireproof. Habitability: 50% Size: 5 Industry: 5 Science: 3 57c55cdf
Vimequa I There are scattered forests of tall white stalks covered in hollow yellow needles. Tall mountains rise towards the sky. Single-legged light green creatures hop between the stalks. They are very curious and friendly. There are many active volcanoes. Habitability: 60% Size: 5 Industry: 4 Science: 3 e85c36f2
Noxalm I Large continents. There are great tidal plains. There are massive flowers in all kinds of colors, sitting atop thick white stems. Clan groups of dark orange hexapods constantly vie for territory. They implant their eggs into the living tissues of animals they catch for this purpose. There are incredibly violent storms. Habitability: 90% Size: 7 Industry: 3 Science: 3 4ceb574e Hexapods: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hexapoda
_34 Oakleigh
Gateway System
Now VI Tundra and a few frozen lakes. Huge grey rocks litter the land. The local plants take the shape of squat grey barrels covered with hollow dark green needles. Packs of five-legged persistence hunters roam. They have large claws. The ISS Undertaker is supposedly buried here. Habitability: 60% Size: 6 Industry: 3 Science: 3 a547aba0
Gateway system