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Planet and Moon

Imagine Image Multimedia

Use of this site
  • All images not created by iimm (Terry Cabak, dba iimm) are the sole property of their respective owners and by appearing on this site, no endorsement of product, image, or storyline is implied.

  • No tracking or data storage of members or visitors of any kind is conducted by iimm for any purpose whatsoever.

  • iimm reserves the right to deny any user entrance to the site at any time.

  • Visiting or using this site constitutes a user/visitors agreement they will abide by any fair use of anything on the site, and exhibit non-disparaging or discriminating commentary or behavior.

  • TC graduated UWM with a BFA in Cinematography.

  • In 1988 family moved to Illinois from Toronto, Ontario.

  • iimm started in 1995 as "Strategic Systems," a hobby website devoted to historic miniature war gaming and helping others learn about and get interested in the hobby. Name changed due to discovered conflict and that the phrase "Imagine Image Multimedia"  was more inclusive of the mission statement: Bring or promote free or low cost products and materials for gamers and developers to the market.

  • 1998 Website established as straight HTML.

  • 2000's Released Hex Command Gunpowder at the same time  BattleCry! the boardgame was being demo'd at GenCon Milwaukee Wisconsin.

  • Released all the other eras of Hex Command rules.

  • Started work on Time Driver film script.

  • 2010's Migrated to WordPress.

  • Released Time Driver (a CarWars variation) rules.

  • Migrated to Wix.

  • Developed online databases and gamer assistance programs.

  • Released articles and tutorials on broadcasting miniature games.

  • Investment in 3D printing and support of makers and artists.

Mission Statement / Observation

  • There is now no doubt that MODULARITY, STANDARDIZATION, AFFORDABILTY and SUSTAINABILITY are PIVOTAL to the survival of this hobby.

  • This is especially true in all things TERRAIN related. Examples:

    • Trees can no longer be made of green foam bits, lichen, stiff plastic or metal strands, tiny leaves on plastic branches, or anything requiring assembly:  All trees must be solid, CAST or formed (e.g. by 3D printing).​

    • Fences cannot be made of individual sticks glued together, or made such that bases are separate from the length of fence.  Each length must be a single solid piece OR made into segments that when glued to FABRIC one can make bordered fields going up hills and slopes.

    • Buildings can be made of paper and cardstock instead of being cast.  Rounded items like castle turrets however is another story.

    • Model bases should not ever be flocked or covered in any way, and only CLEAR BASES are the best option.

    • The size of all models other than the miniatures do NOT have to be in the same scale and in fact can be one to two scales SMALLER than the figures e.g. 22mm (1/72 scale) can use 1/87 or 15mm scale buildings, fences etc.


  • Models must be designed for adaptability, configurability and expandability.

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