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Ancient/Medieval Rules

Excalibur for Miniatures (E4M)

This is an exciting adaptation of the medieval-era monopoly-style board game, super-sized and printed on fabric for a 5x5 ft game table.  With 3D printed icons and miniatures and fast game play ideas, it's quickly showing that it was a forerunner of the games Axis and Allies and the Catan series.


Hex Command Ancients

Rules for basic war gaming in the Ancient/Medieval era, that is, all eras and locations before gunpowder. 

One infantry unit is one cohort, warband etc. and one cavalry stand is one troop.  Skirmishers are mounted either individually or in groups of two per stand.  One hex is approximately 25 yards so maximum bow or slinger range is 8 hexes or less.

Hex Command Ancients & Medieval

Better than LionHeart Rules

Convention booklet handout (rules here may be adjusted from the BTLH rules)

The Parker Brothers board game called "LionHeart" of 32mm scale miniatures is still available on Ebay and other sites, but you can just as easily recreate it using 1/72 medieval miniatures.  Our BTLH rules -played on a much larger surface with a hexagon grid- create a better version than the chess-like nature of the original game.  Recommended: Get the Milton Bradley Game called BattleMasters for draped cavalry and Crossbowmen.  Some would say that BattleMasters is actually the better collection of miniatures but we use both.  Recommended minimum: get two sets of Lionheart for each force


Siege Rules (FortBoard)

Rules for Ancient/Medieval siege warfare with or without actual models.  FortBoard is a graphical representation of any typical fort and all the pieces can either be miniatures or chits on the square grid artwork. When all miniatures are used including forts and terrain and artillery, miniatures are individually mounted.

Medieval life link

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