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Uberdeutschland 1944/45 or any era with rail line. 12 battles 5x5 or 6 battles 5x8
Valleyton Station
Valleyton Station
Louviers, France 1944 D+3
A village near Louviers, France Normandy
D-Day +7
Battles after D-Day Part 1
Pea Ridge Ark
Pea Ridge battlefield made with Game Mapper
Mine Run
Using some of the units from Pea Ridge research
Half Day Road
6x4.France, 1944.
Into Germany
The Americans crash across the German border
6-battles Campaign Map 2
6-battles Campaign Map 2 word doc
New Battle 1
battle of large plateaus for any era
New Battle 2
Battle of two rivers diagonal
Waterton is suitable for any post-Ancients era
WW2 Armored Battle
Largest armored battle we've played in many years
Valleyton C.H. WW2
Thor's Twins
A game using the Airfix Fortress kit
Shadow Creek ACW
6 battles campaign. Shadow Creek was an infamous battle from the Valleyton campaign
Russian Front
Composite of typical Russian Front
Operation Sunshine
Infantry stumble with light armor.
Kar Kombat!
Armored Car Combat Challenge
Generic hilly
Generic hilly with roads
Fur Deutschland!
October 1944, Canadian Sector, Belgium.
Excalibur Boardgame Map
Holland 1944, US recon near a village where factory and church are largest blgs
Clark's Mill
Clark's Mill
Citadel 214
6x4. France, 1944: Prior to the liberation of Paris, remaining German forces defend a ridge.
Useful for any era with a water landing area.
Borderfield (any era)
A large battle suitable for almost any era
ACW Springhill, 1864
Hood vs. Schofield in Tennessee, redrawn for Game Mapper from Sound of the Guns
5x5 Town Battle
Town battle with details (walls fence etc) left up to when it is setup. More buildings and roads might be added.
Cross Point
6 battles campaign. Another battle from the Valleyton Campaign
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