Hex Command NOVA

Only those rules different from HCM are covered in these Hex Command NOVA rules


This module for Hex Command Mechanized was created to bring the features of the Hex Command system to an off-world future-era setting, with 1/72 or 20mm figures in battles comprising several mechs, infantry squads and other vehicles.

Arena battles with mechs are also fun and interesting for up to 4 players on larger tables, each controlling perhaps up to two mechs each.


This development bears in mind the storylines and backgrounds of the films and series Star Trek, Blade Runner, Aliens, Avatar and Star Wars. Settings can range from worlds of jungle, desert, polar, asteroids and other worlds. The game system brings engineering believability to the genre, meaning all walking machines are not the gigantic behemoths commonly represented. The AMP walker as seen in the film Avatar (thank you James Cameron) is a believable size. Even the Endor AT-ST was too large (to be fair however it was a two-seater).

Along with the tactical miniatures game our old favorite Excalibur has been adapted for a space campaign on this website.


HCN is our adaptation of BattleTech, and you'll see actions with drop ships, grav-tanks, future-era vehicles, hover technology, aerospace fighters, drones and more. Space Fleet and combat actions are covered in Hex Command Starships.   

The Goal of These Rules: Anything in Your Sci-Fi Inventory

The goal of these rules is to enable anything in your inventory of miniatures, even toys in the appropriate scale, to be put into a squad-level combat system without concern where the figures originated. 

If You are Just Coming Across Hex Command NOVA
  1. Do NOT read the rules yet.

  2. THE SYSTEM IS NOT complicated. ANYONE can play without knowledge of this era.  But, for example Melee is important because you don't typically think of these machines actually duking it out with each other.. but it can happen after all, even in WW2 tanks especially on the Russian front had many ramming incidents.

  3. "System Management" is what we call all the interior operations for a mech, from heat sinks to comm's to engines, actuators, sensors and more.  As SM hits increase your machine is trying to have a conversation with you.  Remember, especially in the campaign, you DON'T have an unlimited supply of these ghastly expensive machines.

  4. Understand these kinds of vehicles require using Index Card rosters available and made on this website, then screen copied and pasted to a Word doc then printed on self-adhesive paper and put on 3-tab cardstock.  All other vehicles and infantry are tracked on the traditional Hex Command Mechanized roster cards

  5. Roster cards are 4 columns x 6 rows for each mech.  In some cases the first hit to a location will do damage, in others it will take longer to get damage registered.  A first hit to a weapon in a location causes -1 Combat Penalty when it fires and if hit again is knocked out.  

  6. Marking actions on the table other than movement and firing for the mechs (with bingo chips as usual for Hex Command Mechanized) is not recommended as there are hit location details than Hex Command Mechanized.   Marking orders IS recommended for move, hold etc.

  7. Cannons: AC5, 10, 20?  This just means Light, Medium and Heavy Cannons for weight comparison as HCM, so light gun (fires twice) but firing to Medium mech any chance of causing damage on roll of Star only; you can hit, but causing damage needs a lucky roll. Gatling cannon fire as many times as they have tubes in the weight class.

  8. In these rules all missiles are LRMs and SRM is deprecated. "Multiple Missile Pods" when they fire a volley roll a CnC die to see if the volley is more or less effective as we compare firing weight to target weight, and applies  to a single location.  However, some might say this diminishes the grandeur of missile pods compared to how things used to be done, so if you like for each volley roll a die for a hit location 3 times. BUT for each hit fill in only HALF a cell.  This means missile damage builds up over time.

  9. Lasers are less effective in HCN because again, we are trying to stick with a semblance of reality. But big energy weapons like PPCs (essentially they like photon torpedo's) cause stability checks in targets.  Any laser smaller than heavy hits a target location filling only half the cell; remember that nothing in a cell is knocked out until the cell is fully crossed out.