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Horribly bad designs
Dark Dream Studios
Never pay more than the bare minimum for any of these space battle kits. They are essentially the worst kits I have ever seen or tried to make sense of, even though there is remarkably, very little flash and the mold seems to be holding up pretty good. THE ONLY THING good about this kit is that the infantry looks like not space, but chemical or bio-suit hazard infantry.
figures out of scale
Valiant Miniatures
These 1/72 figures although excellent quality are too big for other 1/72 scale miniatures and vehicles
Styrofoam glue
Woodland Scenics
There is no determination if this glue is any different than Titebond Premium Wood Glue
These are the best miniatures on the market today for 1/72, WW2 and Napoleonics and Ancients, but we are unsure about this firms future so if you are buying these miniatures in quantity, BUY UP as many of the boxes as you can find for whatever you are looking for.
Bad old molds sculpts
There is very little redeeming qualities to Airfix figures and there MIGHT be some worth if they were priced from vendors for their value, which would be about USD about $1 per box, but sadly this is not the case. None of these figures in any era are worth time to paint up and their plastic is WAY too soft.
Smaller than 1/72
A Call to Arms
These figures sadden us that they are not actually 1/72 but closer to 20mm and perhaps even 18mm for American Civil War. Thus, these will work to augment your metal 18mm collections but NOT with 1/72 plastics
Bad molds
RedBox etc.
Many firms such as RedBox are in this category because they cannot get their molds to function thus, their barely-adequate sculpts are hampered even further by impossible amounts of flash.
"Army Group Center"
Although we were initially excited about the 1/72 inventory offering from this firm, it took almost ONE YEAR to get our money back from a convention purchase. AVOID. They may also no longer be in business.
Bad miniatures
After repeated attempts to hope this company can produce any miniatures worth owning, it appears they cannot produce figures worth ANY of your time or hopes to use them. AVOID AVOID AVOID
Nashorn 1/72 Model Kit
BAD KIT. Not well thought out. Difficult to make even for an expert. This kit is needlessly and hopelessly too complex, even IF it came from an old Esci mold. It is FAR better to buy the Die Cast model than waste time trying to assemble this extremely hard to assemble kit. AVOID.
Musket Miniatures
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