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TD Detailed Roster Card Image from MS Word Doc

Detailed Roster Card
Vehicle Card Image

Use this section to upload an image of the detailed card from the Excel program then prepared in the Word document then copy the card area with the tabs and save as jpg to your desktop, then upload using the Index Card Image button above. Upload the same image placed in the Excel program to this page in the card area above.



TD Character Card Image
from MS Excel Car Doc

Character Card Image

Use this section to upload an image of an index card prepared in the Excel document then copy and save the card as jpg to your desktop then copy into the Word document to save with the top tabs.   


Gnr/Pasngr Image
Driver Gunner

This space as page break for printing letter size

Drivers Licenses
Driver DL

Drivers Licenses


These images are DL size images from the larger detailed captures for storage in the Player Wallet as an added but not vital element, if the more detailed D/G information is pasted to the back of the vehicle card, and come from the Excel document. In order to modify the data for driver/gunner and all other personal info, the filename for the vehicle must be accessed.

Gnr/Pasngr DL
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