Hex Command NOVA

This module for Hex Command Mechanized was created to bring the features of the Hex Command system to an off-world future-era setting, both skirmish level on 2x2ft game tables with only light mechs (if any), and larger tactical mech battles on 4x4ft game tables, covering what may be possible in the future for off-planet scenarios.


For this reason, only those rules different from HCM are covered in the module.


This development bears in mind the environments in the films Blade Runner, Aliens, Avatar and Star Wars. Settings can range from worlds of jungle, desert, polar, asteroids and other worlds.  In NOVA, you’ll see actions of drop ships, grav-tanks and future-era vehicles, hover technology, aerospace fighters, drones and more. Actions that take place in space are covered in Hex Command Starships.   As with the rest of the Hex Command series there are no combat charts required.

The Goal of These Rules: Anything in Your Sci-Fi Inventory

The goal of these rules is to enable anything in your inventory of miniatures, even toys in the appropriate scale, to be put into a squad-level combat system without concern where the figures originated.  For this reason, certain questions must be addressed before the rules themselves can be described; the background explanations probably take up more pages than the rules.

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