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Parrot Rifled Artillery

Having observed that no 1/72 manufacturer has created a properly shaped Parrot rifle barrel, we decided to commission our own 3D printed barrel and the results are impressive.  The barrel you see here is mounted on an Imex and/or Italeri carriage. Usable for 10-30lb appearance, these barrels accentuates the look on the battlefield and are far more dramatic that other models.

From Wikipedia: "... To remedy this issue, a thick wrought iron band was developed and wrapped around the outside surface of the breech section of each gun.  
The 10-pounder forms were comparable to the 1857 Napoleons in the field, which proved excellent field guns during the entire conflict in their own right, though Parrott Rifles were rifled for range and lighter in overall weight making them more tactically valuable and relatively easier to manage under fire. Accuracy was strong until about 2,000 or so yards though some effectiveness could still be achieved at 3,000 yards, giving the gunnery crew great length against their enemy. Gun barrels weighed 1,750lbs alone and the 10lb projectile relied on a 2lb charge. Couple these values with the base weight of the carriage and one begins to understand the overall weights involved in maneuvering an artillery piece if this period (even those of comparable design appearing Europe at the time). A single full battery of these
guns could number multiple Parrott Rifles with limbers and caissons and equalling nearly 100 cavalry - a massive commitment of guns, man, beast and supplies..."

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