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Electronic Cardboard Software

While there are many choices for playing games over the internet or in general, electronically, we've discovered that Richard's work is the most simple and stable for using any background image or map. 


Developed by Richard Hogan, whom we have not been able to contact, ECS is 2008-era software that enables any image to be a background board game map. On their own computers, players make their moves and save the session, package it, then upload back to the server so the next player can download and make their moves. 

Right: our space station/starship game

To roll dice during the game, just leave this website open and use the die roller app at the upper right corner of any page.

Download the .zip from our OneDrive.


There are many features of the software, not just that any background image can be used as the boardgame map, but that a variety of right-mouse functions exist for data on each token for details, positioning, orientation etc. on the map.

Right: the  right mouse-click context menu for any chit or "token" piece in the game.  Dble-clicking produces a text box entry field where information about that token can be stored, for instance, even a roster hit record or other textual information.

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