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Artwork Downloads and 3D Printing

Note that some png files shown on the front page photo gallery are designed for use in a Cricut Maker machine, so from that photo display save-as image to your computer to use in your Cricut machine.  Otherwise many other pngs or images can be obtained from the art directory.  

Click here to access the non-member directory.

Members click here to access additional directories

The list below is some but not all the items available in the directory and is NOT going to be updated; so in order to see what's new, view the directory and sort by date.  Also, new items that are images may be posted/announced in the front page photo gallery. 

Roads and rivers are designed for 2.5 inch hexagons but you can scale them up/down for use on different size hexagon grids.


  • Cricut Maker machine ship templates for Pirates of the Spanish Main

  • Ghost Ship from 

  • Another big Frigate ship from

  • A Pirate Ship

  • Viking Ships

  • Star Ships flats (look-down or "top-down")

Terrain & Miniatures

  • Snake and X-Rail fencing

  • Letter size Hex grid layout with 2.5" hex grid

  • Two 24x18 game table perimeter backdrop tree PNG files.

  • 48x6" tall game table perimeter backdrop artwork for 4x4ft tables.

  • Placename cards for roads, rivers, hills, blgs

  • #17 mini card paper envelopes on

  • Clear Plastic Sleeve holder for collectible and poker cards for use with Terrain Cards on

  • Clear Plastic Sleeve holder from Officemax/Office

  • Unit ID small tent cards

  • Terrain Cards - Poker size template of cards with forest and hills in place for quickly establishing a battlefield layout, ready for you to draw roads/rivers onto after placing into a clear plastic poker or collectable card holder.

  • 1/72 10lb and 20lb Parrot Rifle Barrel to replace the sad barrels provided by all other plastic figure company barrels (that are not shaped correctly)

  • Shield, Flag and Banner Art (.zip file). Click here for a list of whats in the file. (art up to 2016)

  • Terrain Artwork applique, city buildings, bridges etc.  (.zip file).  Click here for Contents (art up to 2016)

  • 2.5 Inch Hex Roads/River Templates for cutting Foamies, paper or cloth.

  • 6-10mm Buildings (as seen in Island pictures in the main page gallery)

  • AWI/Log House simple

  • Another set of 20mm houses

  • 6mm-10mm cannons (profile art for laser cutting from mdf) for plastic model ships from Lindberg and Revell, also field emplacements

  • Star Background 8x5 feet fabric

  • Roads/Rivers 2.5 hex for Cricut Maker (laid out for Cut or Print and Cut).  ​Click here for image of zip file contents

  • 2.5" Hex Legally Accepted Hill Templates (11" x17" paper)​  and 2.75 Hex Legally Accepted Hill Templates (letter paper) (note: we have recently discovered that layered 1/4" material such as Foamies soft foam, or Foam Core, each layer cut larger in shape than the initial hex size shape of the hill above it, enough for a one inch hill, creates a more friendly slope
    than a single 1" thick piece with slopes cut into it; also these foamies layers are FAR easier to cut.)

  • War of 1812 American Flags 

  • Splash Markers (profiles; Cricut Maker art coming)

  • Stone Walls 

  • Stonewall Applique for laser cut MDF walls

  • 1/72 Fence sections

  • 2 and 1 arch stone bridges 1/72 

  • Applique artwork for stone bridges

  • Terrain Tiles: Look Down Art for 2.5 inch hex board games 

Castles and Seige

  • Seige Tower

  • Seige Ram

  • Seige Ladders 

  • Fort Dune 6-10mm


Game Aides

  • Universal Slider Roster

  • Hex Command Oceans Dial Roster (we can make these and send them to you; please email us for details)


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