Artwork Downloads and 3D Printing

Access to the Box storage area is now open to anyone viewing this page; notify us if you cannot view the files.

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The list below is some but not all the items available in the directory and is likely to NOT be updated over time, so to see what is new visit the directory and sort by date.  Also, items that are new successes will be shown in the photo gallery.

On this page you'll find artwork downloads; roads and rivers are designed for 2.5 inch hexagons originally, but you can scale them up for use on larger hexagon grid battlefields.


  • Cricut Maker machine ship templates for Pirates of the Spanish Main

  • Ghost Ship from 

  • Another big Frigate ship from

  • A Pirate Ship

  • Viking Ships

  • Star Ships flats (look-down or "top-down")

Terrain & Miniatures

  • Snake and X-Rail fencing

  • Letter size Hex grid layout with 2.5" hex grid

  • Two 24x18 game table perimeter backdrop tree PNG files.

  • 48x6" tall game table perimeter backdrop artwork for 4x4ft tables.

  • Placename cards for roads, rivers, hills, blgs

  • #17 mini card paper envelopes on

  • Clear Plastic Sleeve holder for collectible and poker cards for use with Terrain Cards on

  • Clear Plastic Sleeve holder from Officemax/Office

  • Unit ID small tent cards

  • Terrain Cards - Poker size template of cards with forest and hills in place for quickly establishing a battlefield layout, ready for you to draw roads/rivers onto after placing into a clear plastic poker or collectable card holder.

  • 1/72 10lb and 20lb Parrot Rifle Barrel to replace the sad barrels provided by all other plastic figure company barrels (that are not shaped correctly)

  • Shield, Flag and Banner Art (.zip file). Click here for a list of whats in the file. (art up to 2016)

  • Terrain Artwork applique, city buildings, bridges etc.  (.zip file).  Click here for Contents (art up to 2016)

  • 2.5 Inch Hex Roads/River Templates for cutting Foamies, paper or cloth.

  • 6-10mm Buildings (as seen in Island pictures in the main page gallery)

  • AWI/Log House simple

  • Another set of 20mm houses

  • 6mm-10mm cannons for plastic model ships from Lindberg and Revell, also field emplacements

  • Star Background 8x5 feet fabric

  • Roads/Rivers 2.5 hex for Cricut Maker (laid out for Cut or Print and Cut).  ​Click here for image of zip file contents

  • 2.5" Hex Legally Accepted Hill Templates (11" x17" paper)​  and 2.75 Hex Legally Accepted Hill Templates (letter paper) (note: we have recently discovered that layered 1/4" material such as Foamies soft foam, or Foam Core, each layer cut larger in shape than the initial hex size shape of the hill above it, enough for a one inch hill, creates a more friendly slope than a single 1" thick piece with slopes cut into it; also these layers are FAR easier to cut.)

  • War of 1812 American Flags 

  • Splash Markers 

  • Covered Wagon (28mm) Pencil Sharpener (eBay)

  • Stone Walls 

  • Stonewall Applique for laser cut MDF walls

  • 1/72 Fence sections

  • 2 and 1 arch stone bridges 1/72 

  • Applique artwork for stone bridges

  • Terrain Tiles: Look Down Art for 2.5 inch hex board games 

Castles and Seige

  • Seige Tower

  • Seige Ram

  • Seige Ladders 

  • Fort Dune 6mm (as seen in Island pics on main page gallery)


Game Aides

  • Universal Slider Roster

  • Hex Command Oceans Dial Roster