Artwork Downloads and 3D Printing

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On this page you'll find 3D paper fold up artwork downloads some of which can be used in the Cricut machine or cut with traditional methods. Ships vary from 1/72 scale to 1/250-350 scale, and roads and rivers are designed for 2.5 inch hexagons originally, but you can scale them up for use on larger hexagon grid battlefields.

In some cases we'll provide artwork to augment plastic model kits such as the Black Diamond Frigate from Revell, the  "Ghost Ship" (which is really a 17th c. Galleon or hulk), and others such as ships from Lindberg. We believe larger ships on the game table 3-5 inches in size such as 1/250-300 scale are the best, most worthwhile effort including those from Zvezda, or the Lindberg Columbus-era ships.


Artwork designed for laser cutting in our Ponoko store are shown with an L.


Terrain & Miniatures

Castles and Seige


Game Aides

In Progress

  • 1/72 Scale Foldup Buildings

  • 1/72 foldup Castles

  • Vaubon Fort (20mm+)

  • Miscellaneous Wheels 1/72 wagons, limber, cannon etc.

  • Wagons and covered wagons foldup