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Hex Command Rules and Materials Downloads

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Hex Command Gunpowder Description

Hex Command Napoleonics & American Rev Description

American Adventure Game Description

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Product Downloads


Hex Command Compendium

All the most recent rules in one download


Hex Command Gunpowder

The basis for most all the rules and designed for 1800-1900 horse and musket


Hex Command Gunpowder Napoleonics & American Revolution

Rules for Napoleonics; for AWI each stand is one company and each cannon is 1-2 actual cannons.


Hex Command Mechanized

1 infantry stand = one squad, 1 vehicle = 1, 1 hex (technically) is 25 yards

Hex Command Mechanized, generally for WW2 but useful for any mechanized era, sets the groundwork for other mechanized rules such as Hex Command NOVA (off-world future-era conquest).


Hex Command Medieval/Ancients

Easy but thorough rules for ancients to medieval era. HCA is a the standard rules for easy war gaming. Ancient/medieval games can be more rewarding than many other eras in war gaming.


Hex Command NOVA

CAV and Battletech adaptation for off-world combat where vehicles are of believable size


Hex Command NOVA Starship Combat

Space exploration and combat in the Hex Command system


Hex Command Oceans

Age of Sail from 1400's to 1700's. Designed for 1/250 to 1/350 scale ships, the intention here is for players to have large ships so the game is more visually appealing, and rules that are basic with innovative concepts such as the handheld Control Panel.


Medieval Leader and Roster Cards

A document of 6x4 index cards for the Medieval era

Used for Royal Slaughter (aka Better than LionHeart) rules, this is more a heroic-leaning concept; that each "battle" is lead by a personality 6x4 index card holder layout.


Other Rules Better than Lionheart

Improved rules for the large figure board game from Parker Brothers


Other Rules Fort Board

​FortBoard are rules for siege assault and 2-D artwork counters, which can also be played with miniatures. Inspired by battle game "Knights at War" from Usborne Books.

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