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Hex Command Gunpowder Description

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American Adventure Game Description

Hex Command Mechanized (scroll down)

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Hex Command Gunpowder with Pike and Shotte Addendum

The main Hex Command Gunpowder rules; 1 stand = 1 unit, call it a company, battalion or regiment... doesn't matter because it's all relative (however, separate skirmish stands do exist).  If you currently have units comprising multiple stands, place them on a movement plate to create a single unit (one unit per hex).  Designed for just about any size hex grid.  See our Hex Grid Battlefield Bedsheets


HCG Napoleonics & American Revolution

Rules for 1 stand = 1 unit; for Napoleonics each unit is a battalion, two battalions to a regiment; each cavalry stand is one troop and artillery is one battery; for AWI each stand is one company and each cannon is 1-2 actual cannons.



Hex Command Ancients

Easy rules for ancient to medieval era; essentially the time before gunpowder.   HCA is a the standard rules for easy war gaming because the eras themselves are straightforward and fundamental.  Although elephants, chariots and sieges are not a walk in the park!


Hex Command Mechanized

1 infantry stand = one squad, 1 vehicle = 1, 1 hex (technically) is 25 yards

Hex Command Mechanized, generally for WW2 but obviously useful right up to the end of the Jet age before the Space conquest era. No penetration charts or other non-sense. Very Light to Very Heavy vehicles and guns, one stand = one squad.



Hex Command Oceans

Age of Sail from 1400 to 1750

Designed for 1/250-300 scale ships, these age of sail rules were developed with the 1600-1750's in mind and the intention is for each player to have one ship they can actually SEE on the game table. With larger ships, just like Hex Command Starships, the enjoyment is much greater.  Fast simple rules.  The only problem is your engine is mother nature.


Hex Command Starships - BETA

The era of space exploration and conquest

Beta testing Fall/Winter 2018 


Visit this page throughout the fall/winter for updates.


TimeDriver PAC - BETA

Time Driver Rules for Post-Apocolyptic Combat

Beta testing Fall/Winter 2018 


TimeDriver are rules for this genre, in the scale of Matchbox and Hot wheels vehicle. However, only physically believable weapons and concepts are employed.  And however, should you wish to introduce any other concepts such as superheros, cyberpunk, zombies or even aliens you are free to do so! 


Using cityscapes made from cardboard, artwork, and readily available models, the scenarios range from city to town to countryside in pursuit of the mission cards given to players, or the scenario.


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